2017-2018 Welcome Letter and Supplemental Supply List

                              Welcome to 5th Grade      

     We are glad to have an opportunity to learn and explore Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies and Language Arts this school year with your child. Listed below are a few highlights of our explorations.

Reading – Ms. Garvich, Reading Teacher, plans to engage students with fiction and non-fiction books, interactive notebooks, vocabulary, and class discussions.

Math- Mrs. Gray, Math Teacher, plans to explore the world of numbers that include multiplication, division, fractions, place value and other mathematical standards and practices. Students will use journals for math notes and math practice problems. Please check your child’s agenda for assignments and test.

Science and Social Studies – Ms. Commer, Science/Social Studies Teacher, plans to explore Native American Indians, the Civil War, Rock Formations, and Science Experiments. Students will use journals for research and science experiments.

Language Arts – Each teacher will teach Language Arts to their homeroom students. This will include writing, spelling, and grammar. Students will create a writing portfolio with their view finder binder.

Contact Information-        Kermit Johnson phone# 205-379-4350

Ms. Commer -   lcommer@jefcoed.com

Ms. Garvich –    agarvich@jefcoed.com

Mrs. Gray -         lgray@jefcoed.com

Parents please make sure that your child attends school regularly and is prepared for learning each day with the necessary supplies that support academic success. Additional supplies needed for students in the Commer, Garvich and Gray Pod are:

                               3   Marble Composition Notebooks

                               2   View Finder Binders (1 inch)

                               1   Package of Dividers

                               1   Pkg. Crayons, Colored Pencils, and Markers
                               Earbuds or Headphones for computers


Thanks in Advance for a Successful 5th grade School Year!

Ms. Commer, Ms. Garvich, & Mrs. Gray