Chromebooks ($200 or less)
Chromebooks are a big part of learning at Johnson Elementary. Google provides all students enrolled in public education with a safe and protected school Google account. When students use their school account at home, it has the same filters and protection we have at school. Students also have a suite of Google apps for education which they can use for learning and completing assignments. We have Chromebooks at school which students and teachers share with other classes.

If you decide to purchase a Chromebook for your child, they come with built in automatic security updates to keep them safe from computer viruses and malware. Chromebooks are easy to use right out of the box — just log in, connect to the Internet, and start learning. All Chromebooks use Google software, regardless of brand. 

If students bring personal Chromebooks to school, they can only logon using their school account. Students should not allow other students to use their personal Chromebook. Parents must sign the "JEFCOED Bring Your Own Device" form before students bring the device to school. Enrolled students logon with their registered student name  Their lunch number is their password. The password should not be changed by the student.