Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How do I know what bus my child rides and when my child will be picked up and dropped off?

Eventually, you should be able to find that information on this website. For now, you could ask neighbors what bus their children ride and when to expect the bus. If you need to be certain, you may call the office at 205-379-4350 and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

2.       What behavior is expected of my child while on the bus?

The code of conduct details what specific behavior is expected of your child. This information is found on page 15 and 16 of the Student Code of Conduct and details Minor School Bus offenses:

  • Failure to follow proper procedure at bus stops
  • Use of profane or indecent language
  • Changing seats or standing while the bus is in motion
  • Bringing prohibited items aboard the bus including, but not limited to, gum, candy, drinks, audio and/or video devices, laser pointers, or other similar devices
  • Moving from a student's assigned seat
  • Yelling or speaking in a loud or disruptive manner
  • Speaking when approaching or crossing railroad tracks
  • Blocking, restricting, or otherwise placing objects on or in the aisles, steps or emergency exits
  • Failing to secure all items within book bags, back packs, or cases
  • Any other offense the principal deems to be a minor infraction.

Offenses that are considered Intermediate School Bus offenses:

  • Entering or exiting before the bus has come to a stop; or entering or exiting a bus through an emergency exit, window, or by any means other than the front door, except in the case of a bona fide emergency
  • Fighting or striking another student
  • Bringing prohibited objects onto the bus
  • Use of tobacco in any form on the bus
  • Throwing or expelling anything including, but not limited to, objects, liquids, paper or any other material in or out of the bus at any time could be considered a Class III offense
  • Failure to keep head and hands inside bus windows at all times.
  • Entering or leaving the bus without the consent of the driver
  • Tampering with door handles and other safety equipment at any time unless directed to do so by the driver or the aide
  • Cutting, scratching, writing on, or otherwise defacing any part of the bus. Restitution will be required before the student rides bus again.
  • Disrespect to a School Board employee
  • Any other offense the principal may deem an intermediate offense


3.       What are the consequences for breaking the rules on the bus?

The code of conduct explains the consequences for bus infractions. Minor and Intermediate infractions result in bus suspensions (when your child cannot ride the bus for a given period of time) of increasing duration. Major School Bus offenses will result in more serious consequences including possible suspension or expulsion.

4.       How much will I have to pay for the bus?

Bus transportation is provided free of charge. Just make sure you have filled out a bus card, which was available during registration but is always available in the front office.

5.       Can my child ride one bus in the morning and a different bus in the afternoon?

No. Our busses have limited space, so your child can only ride one bus. They are allowed to be a car rider in the morning or afternoon and ride their bus, but they are not allowed to ride two different busses. (see "School Bus Code" number 3, on page 14 of the student code of conduct)

6.       Can my child get off at a friend's house?

No, your child needs to get on and off at the same stop each day. (see "School Bus Code" number 4 and 5, on page 14 of the student code of conduct)

7.       Can my child who is usually a car rider ride the bus now?

Yes, if we have a bus card on file for your child. Please send a note with your child in the morning explaining that he or she will ride the bus home, and please explain if they will just ride one time or if they will be regular bus riders from now on.

If we do not have a bus card on file for your child, you will need to fill one out before they can ride the bus. You may come to the office to pick one up, or you may call the office and we'll try to send one home with your child.

8.       Will the busses run in case of early dismissal or an emergency?

Yes, unless otherwise stated, busses will begin their normal route, at the earlier time. Please make arrangements for your child once they get off the bus in the event of early dismissal.

9.       Can I meet the bus at a different stop if we miss the bus at our designated spot?

No, rule 8 of the "School Bus Code" on page 14 of the Student Code of Conduct states, "If a student misses the bus at their assigned stop, they should find other means of transportation to school on that occasion and never chase a bus down to another stop. This creates a very dangerous situation for the student which could result in serious injury. Chasing a bus down to board at another stop may result in a bus suspension.