Car Rider Procedures

AM Drop-Off procedures for Car Riders


Afternoon Student Pick-Up Procedures for Car Riders

  • Afternoon student pick-up will not begin until 3:00 p.m. (after buses have left the school grounds)
  • All vehicles must stay stop at the stop sign on the upper drive until motioned to move forward by the teacher on duty
  • During afternoon dismissal, the upper drive will be a one way street utilizing both lanes of traffic
  • Please have a large (8"x11") sign with your child's first and last name displayed in your front window
  • The teacher on duty will call out your child's name to go to an assigned area to wait for a loading signal
  • Please pull all the way up the lane and only leave approximately 3-4 feet between cars
  • After all vehicles have come to a complete stop and all students are ready to load, a teacher will direct them to load
  • After all students are safely loaded, a teacher will motion for you to exit
  • Please exit toward the front of the school and loop around the island in the front of the school using the lower lane for dismissal