School Info

School Hours

Take In Time:

7:55 AM

Dismissal Time:

2:50 PM

Main Telephone Line:

(205) 379-4350



Christy  Hamilton

After School Care

Several local daycare providers offer transportation from Johnson Elementary to their location. These include First Baptist, Pinson Elementary After School Care, and Carson Village, YMCA.

Additional Notes

Morning Procedures: Drop-off begins at 7:15. Students will either go to the lunchroom to eat breakfast, or sit in the hallway beside their classroom. At 7:45, students go to their homerooms. At 7:58, school doors are locked and all students dropped off will need to check in at the front desk. Students are counted tardy if they are not inside the school building by 7:55 am. Afternoon procedures: We begin dismissing bus riders at 2:50 and car riders are dismissed after all the buses have left. We have two flights of buses, so car riders usually start loading shortly after 3:00. Please arrange to pick up your child by 3:20 every day.